Eat stomach tea for 4 days only! If you know how to eat, will you start eating now?

Eating water of kismishi- Many people know that the kidneys are beneficial in blood transfusion. Because, raisins make new blood in the body. But, do you know, there is no juvenile jury to clean your liver or liver? Yes, regular leukemia water cleans the liver.

It has been found in the study, when drinking lemon juice, organic chemicals in the liver began. Due to which rapid blood cleansing of the body inside. At least four days after drinking water of the kidneys, the stomach will be completely clean. The abdominal disorder will not be there. You will also get energy efficient.

Many doctors also prescribe kishashree as well as medicine to the patient. Because, kidneys keep the heart healthy. It also removes harmful cholesterol from the body.

Various types of vitamins and mineral Even if the kidneys do not eat the water of the kishmishi, then the vitamins and minerals enter the body. Another reason to soak up the water is to reduce the levels of sugar.

Liver also needs to work better alongside kidneys to clean blood. So, if lever and kidney problems, harmful substances start to accumulate in the body and make us sick.

Therefore, liver and kidneys must always be prolonged. The water of the juices is well done. The cause of which leads to digestion.

How to make raisin water:

2 cups of water (400 ml) and 150 grams of kidney beans. What kind of kishmish is buying, it is very important. Do not buy kimshi that is very bright. It mixes chemicals. Try to buy dark-colored raisins. They will also have to take a kidney, which is not very hard, but it is not very soft.

Wash the raisins well several times. Then put two cups of water in a vessel soak it in the night. With kishmish chicks in the morning, the water will lighten in the morning and eat the empty stomach in the morning. Do not eat anything from 30 to 35 minutes.

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