Fat Women was Rape attempt by hippo

The thick woman thought of her country- due to heavy thunderstorm in the previous day, water was accumulated in different parts of the area. That is why the next evening, after closing the shop, a woman left the house and left for the house.

But in the middle he realized that someone pursued him. Before some understanding, the 'mischief-maker' jumped on him. Physical torture has also been 'mischief-maker' It is known that the mischief maker 'a hart!

The incident took place in the Parisian Geological Park in the capital of France. At that time the trees were damaged and the entrance of the park was damaged. The hippo escapes from that gap.

A woman named Geraldine Bowdin, who has a bakery shop in the park, He complained that he was attacked the next day after fleeing the jar. The woman claimed that the jihad tried to establish a sexual relationship with her. Later, he believed that he could protect the hand of the hippo.

After the hunt was found, the car was again brought back to the park. It is known that the affected woman weighed about four hundred pounds. In the darkness of the night, the woman attacked her because she thought of 'female wolf'.
-BD Morning

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