Fish is stuck for 9 million years

Stuck in stone - Fish stuck in stone for 9 million years. Fish is our very favorite and familiar food. Apart from the river or the pond, sea fishes have also been included in the food list of humans. However, these aquatic animals have evolved in accordance with the laws of nature. Recently such a news has been published in international press.

A 10-year-old tourist visited Colombia's La Candelaria, a monarchy philosophy. On the way, a stone that suddenly came to his attention. Some of the fish-shaped objects were stuck in Naturally he makes pictures. And it is in the hands of the local museum fossils. It is sent by museum to research.

In the Journal of Systematic Paleontology. The main work of the study is the University of Alberta in Canada.

It is said that the fossil is a fish. The fish could be found almost 9 million years ago. At present no relatives of this species of fisheries survive. According to researchers, this fossil is 'lizard-fish' species. And the first such fossilized fossils have been found in Colombia. Naturally happy researchers

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