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Egyptian civilization surrounded by strange mysteries Many great scientists or monks still could not erase the mysteries of Egyptian civilization.

One of the mysteries is the history of sex in ancient Egypt. Today you will have an unknown history of sexuality or sex origin of ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Sexual intercourse is done by all and it has been there since many days. But not only do you enjoy mixing; It is also safe. Do not want to die due to illness due to any illness while enjoying sex.

In the last three decades, only 25 million people died in the world on AIDS! So your body does not have to be HIV positive, it is easy to follow three things. There is no problem in that field. Just do not know, these three things must be kept in mind.

1) Surely join the safe. Do not think of sex without condoms. It does not take time to bathe in the body but it does not take place. It is a time of unscrupulousness.

2) Avoid enjoying sexual intercourse with more than one partner. Be sure to adhere to a lot of responsibility for sex as a love.

3) Be careful while cutting beads on the salon. Other blades used by others are not used on your face.

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The rules of marriages in some countries of the world will be hard to believe. Your marriage is a social practice. This practice exists in all the nations of the world. However, the nation is a developed or barbaric tribe.

This spread is different. There is a common practice for marriage in one country. These rules are so strange that it will hurt you to believe. Today you have established such rules in front of you. Watch in the video.

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