If you see the Chinese doing these strange things, you will lose your head

If you see the Chinese doing these strange things, you will lose your head. Watch the video: China is something weird and new. Now the world is the product of China's product. Without their products and services the world is now stagnant. But in a strange way, Azab started wondering

China's Match Fair There are some customs principles in China that you will find strange and ridiculous. Think China is the people of this planet or a resident of Vignan? There is no such strange race anymore. Watch in the video

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Because of which the bra is open - the underwear is sometimes known as the house of the heart? Yes, I'll tell you about a place where there are many color lingerie hanging around. Tourists crowding the crowd to see it. Even if they need to open their underwear, they are hanging in the yard.

Central Otago of New Zealand has a wire fence across several kilometers. Which is known as Carradona Bra Fence.

But what made the strange fence suddenly? It is said, in 1999, four women opened their own lingerie and hung it on the yard. It is known that only the celebration of the New Year was done in such a way.

They celebrate the New Year at Cardrona Hotel, they will open the bra and declare free freedom. The time has increased in the number of people in the number of baira.

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