If you want to stay away from the kidney stones then do two things

Kidney stones - Blood transfusion of our body kidneys. Apart from kidneys, many types of wastes are also being supplied through kidneys. The biggest problem of kidney problems is the kidney stones. But what is the key to prevent stones from kidney stones, know what? Let's know about the causes of kidney stone, which you may not know.

Do not eat raw salt

Many eat salt in food which is very harmful for health. Because salt sodium can not easily remove the kidneys and it gets stored in kidneys. Extra sodium rich foods also increase the chance of depositing kidney stones.

Drink water

The work of kidneys is toxin-free from the body's waste collection body. And this work helps the kidneys with water. If you do not drink water moderately then the kidney can not properly remove the body's waste which is stored in the kidneys as a stone. So drink moderately water.

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