Keep in mind that the main cause of liver damage is 10 reasons

Lever is one of the main components - one of the main components of our body.

Liver health is important for managing the normal functioning of the body. As such, our body's health depends largely on the liver itself.

But Liver has been facing serious damage due to some bad habits of ours. As a result, many people have experienced serious problems like liver damage.

Many people knowingly understand, but many people are destroying the body's second largest body by doing some bad work without knowing.

The main cause of liver damage 10 reasons:

- Get up to sleep late in the night and wake up early in the morning.

During periods of urination and not drinking enough water.

-If eating more

-Don't breakfast during the time.

-Automatic drug use.

Eat more of the foods used in artificial suiteration to sweeten the preservative, food color, and food.

-Use unhealthy oils in cooking.

Excessive use of excess oil during frying and frying food.

-Nothing overdrawn is harmful. The practice of eating too much raw food also puts pressure on the liver.

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