Know the night of the men in the night 7 bride wishes to the bride

Are you married in front? Then flowers are very close. Maybe you are thinking from now on what to do and what to do on flowering night. I'm a little bit depressed, maybe you're a little depressed.
So do not forget to know what you will do on flowering night. And what exactly is your married life will be very sweet.
1) Use the identity of a man you may know. So the first thing you need to do first is to use your own. If you are married to love, then that is different. There is very good contact between the two people. But if you are married in relation, there is very little talk between the two, there is almost no talk. I will discuss here mainly about marriage. You are about to marry a stranger, she will be your married wife. So since you do not have an affair in the first place, the first night of the wedding, you have to take good care of the conversation. Do not show any aggression in any way. If you are afraid of a little bit, you can accept it, but there is no reason to worry. Keep a lot of restrain in conversation.

2) The fact that you have to take care of the most at the flowering night is that you will enter the dress room in the dress room. Choose the color tone that you would like most of the colors you wear. Of course you read Pajama-Panjabi, I think it is the best choice. Before going to the gym you can fix a little bit. Keep a good cut that will suit you. Then after wearing perfumes, get dressed well after flowering room.

3) Now you can start talking to your wife. Make a little talk lightly, of course, let your wife know that you are not a terrible man, you are a funny person You can discuss the events that happened at home in the wedding all day. Of course you will ask your wife if she is happy to marry you. You will speak in a very simple way, do not talk about turning it around. Tell everyone the truth. Because the trust between the two needs to be dark.

4) Fools' night means that a woman is like her own. Even if you feel ashamed to do so many things, but before that you must understand what your wife wants. Maybe you want to do a lot but your wife does not want to. Still, if you do anything then it will be stressed. So think carefully beforehand.

4) Do not forget that there should not be a rage in the wedding where there is flowering, do not forget that friends or brothers and sisters can not interfere, but the fun of flowering will become soil.

5) Of course you will enter any of the gifts in the flower room room. It will be small but will certainly give a gift. If you do not like what your wife likes or what you already know, then talk to her family about words. All the girls are very happy to receive gifts from their loved ones. Hopefully all of you have understood that your married life is so happy.
Thank you.

Mother's current Muslim society is imitating non-Muslims everywhere and imitating in some areas as well. They are accepting their culture, culture, culture and culture. Without checking any kind of scrutiny, they are flowing into the lane stream. Especially in the case of the Muslims today the Muslims are helpless. They should think that Islamic culture is wrong and the foreign evil culture is culture. Following them As a result of this, it is one of the many streams of superstitions.

We have relied on this sacred work like this wedding. What we are doing with it is entirely Hindu and Western culture. Whose whole is un-Islamic To elaborate on this sacred provision like marriage and to highlight the evils, the standard book of Adabuji Yafaf or Basar night of Shaikh Nasiruddin Albani (RA) is unique. In this book, he has highlighted the difference of culture and religion, so that Muhammad can attain the close relationship of Allah in his own culture. Sheikh introduced the theory of intensive scholarship in writing this book. Because of this, the nation was ever sincere to him. Especially he wrote a chapter about the use of women's gold in the book. It is a matter of theory, but it is a unique study and his exceptional role. If the matter is correct, he will be entitled to twice the reward and will be entitled to a double reward.

The reader's request should be kept subject to the desire of receiving the reward, and it would be convincing to be competent to compete with the Muslim civilization culture by continuing in the unity of dispute disagreements.

All of these important bookies who are married or soon to be married are being requested to read them all. Allaah is the publisher of this book, and best of all people who have worked for online publication. Amin

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