Let's remind you of the hell of the world's 11 terrible hole #5 Seeing the number, I think it will be true ...

Let's remind you of the hell - there are many types of scenes from the Earth. There was a time when different myths were started with the scars of the body of the moon. But due to the excellence of science, it is known that those stains are actually huge holes on the moon.

And if you look at the moon from the moon, then some of these pitches are seen in the black screen. Scientists have been working on these holes for a long time.

In the meantime, some holes are man-made, and some holes are naturally occurring. The mystery about the genuine holes is the highest and scientists are still working with them. In our today's arrangement, ten holes will be discussed, which are really awesome looking around.

hole 11 # The Hole of Glory: The Hole of Glory is located in the Monticello Dam. It looks like a tunnel. It flows very fast during the rainy season.

 2 # Saamil Sink: Saam Sink was a brilliant blue hole, an archaeological investigation site in Bahamas. It helps scientists to understand what the world was like a thousand years ago.

 3 # Deluxe Mystery Hall: Deluxe Mystery Hole's source remains unclear. Modern methods failed to accurately measure its depth. It is currently a tourist attraction.

 4 # The Great Blue Hole: It is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is believed that it was created in the last ice age. But it is not harmful. One of the best places in the world for diving is the Great Blue Hole.

# 5 The Devil's Sinkhall: An underground cave, where entry is totally prohibited. Because when people enter here people can not return. However, in the dry season some people can enter this cave together.

 # 6 The Mir Myan: Mir Main is the largest source of diamond production in Russia.

 # 7 The Harwood Hall: It is a cave located in New Zealand. Which is considered to be the world's deepest vertical cave.

 # 8 Udskanaya Pipes: Another source of diamonds in Russia's Yakutia, Udskanaya Pipe.

# 9 2010 Guatemalan City Synchole: Many people believe that due to various natural disasters, this hole has been created in Guatemala City. In 2010, many of the buildings were destroyed due to this hail.

 # 10 Bingham Canyon Mine: A mine located in Salt Lake City, Utah State, USA. It is the largest man-made excavation work in the world. In 1863 the mineral extraction from this mine started.

It is about 1.2 kilometers (3,960 feet) deep and 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) wide. On 10th April 2013, the mine was subjected to a heavy landslide and on September 11th, another small number of landslides took place.

Since 2004, about 15.4 metric tons of copper, 715 tons of gold, 5,900 tons of silver, and 850 million pounds of melibendam have been lifted from this mine. There are still mineral extraction from this mine. So the depth is increasing day by day and by 2015 we will be at least 500 feet deeper than the present.

# 11 The Heavenly Pit or Heavenly Pit: This is the world's deepest synchole! It was estimated at approximately 128,000 years ago. People like to do parachuting here.

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