Mom, kill me, for the sake of ...

Kill me - Mom, keep me under the bombs,

Dad, let the bomb splinter into my body, I'll go over it

Paradise beyond

There are breads in the mother ...

I'm not hungry now

Mom, let me shed blood from my forehead

I will be pale in the blood,

My eyes will close

I will not have any pain

I'll go that way

That could not be the sound of bomber aircraft

Mom, let me sleep

We can not sleep here

Blood and meat pieces and screams and tears

The noise and the sound of the gola do not allow me to sleep

Your eloquence is not a safe bed for me

Mama, lie down in my arms

In heaven, I will not have more than two and a half feet

Trump Chachchu, kill me, please, please

Putin uncle, tell me to throw a bomb on my head

The goal is not to be defective

Put me in the grave

Send me to heaven

There is bread for me in heaven

I have a sleep in heaven

There is security for me in heaven

Dad, kill me

Mom, kill me

Chachura, kill me ...

Pity me mercy pity me

Forgive me with mercy

Save me alive

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