Rowdy people roamed in the street naked by rapists (video)

he unarmed people of the Arunachal Pradesh - the 17-year-old girl was raped by two people accused of raping and handed over to the police by angry people. News dailleigh

While taking two people accused of yanking out naked to the streets, the people around them would slap and slap their shoulders.

The DailyEmail reports on deputy inspector general John Nahlaiy said that "the victim was identified with a girl on Facebook.

One day she met her and went out to visit the girl. In the meantime, along with three other friends, she raped her. Then, leaving the girl in front of her house at 2 o'clock. The next morning police went to the police and complained that the girl.

Inspector General John Nihloya said, "The victim's family members and neighbors handed over the police to the two accused."

He said the police is trying to catch the rest of the accused.

Last month, an eight-year-old girl was circled on the streets of Daproziro city on charges of rape. That incident was even more violent.

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