See some surprise engineering errors ...

Some surprising engineering - the doctors and engineers of most of our society. Everyone has the highest degree of profession. In society, doctors and engineers are respected separately.

Image: The biggest mistake in engineering history

The doctor's mistake may be the reason for the death of the patient, but the mistakes of the engineers are really diverse. If you see these engineering mistakes, then do you think that the engineer studied properly and passed it? The terrible mysterious earth has collected some mistakes in the work. Let's see some of the surprising engineering mistakes

 Picture: The balcony did not give the door!

 Image: True Private Toilet!

 Image: This is probably the real public toilets

 Image: ATM machine (no one will see your pin, even you yourself!)

 Picture: Doors but did not provide stairs. It seems that the house of Super Man!

 Figure: The engineer was sipping the bottle while doing the right window

 Image: The call was given by the electric socket

Image: It should be headlined, stand up, stand up, duck down and kneel

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