See what happens to the night club

Fair young girls Everything is small in size. Someone came after jeans t-shirt, some shorts Hard makeup in the mouth. Beer bottle in hand Roomy visitors The small rooms are dark in cigarette, marijuana and cessar smoke. Harmony colorful lighting, laser rays and ear shaking music. The music is going on, I am a disco dancer in the light of darkness - the necklace of males and females. This image is very well-known Fuwang Bowling Club. This image was found on Thursday from 8pm to midnight on the club. The club is located at the Gulshan-Tejgaon link road in the capital. Because of Thursday's pre-week holiday, there was a sub-crowd in Fuwang. The club authorities also gathered the capital's renowned High Society Calligars, Cafe Dancers and DJs on Thursday every Thursday. They made the Fuwang Club with dance, song and humor in Madhukunja. Most of the strangers ages 20 to 35 years old. Five rooms in the second floor of the club These are called as discos rooms. Different color lights in the disks. Setting sofa on both sides. In the middle, there is a dance of high melodramatic Hindi music
Young people sitting low Every dance expression is indecent. There is no room for til holding room. Wine bottles, glasses and ice cubes in front of the sofa. Visitors are drinking alcohol Being impressed by the dance, they are throwing bundle rubber in the notes of 100/500 and thousands of notes and throwing it to the dancer. The dancer's assistant is collecting money from the floor. In this way, one dancer is being thrown to a dancer with millions of rupees. In the meantime, some people became drunk after drinking excess alcohol. They want to get a beautiful girl out of the house There is a ruckus on this.

The wage bouncers of the club came out of the run. But there are many more active movements in the rowdy mastana and dagi terrorists. Among them, local residents of Gulshan, they are even more excited. Some people are going to fall in the other side. Among them are the elder brother's leader. The situation was calm in their intervention. Dance starts again. The number of women decreases to become deep in the night. What is the mystery A club employee said, many girls have now gone to private duty. It is known that there are some special sleeping rooms in the club. Where to spend some time alone with the favorite girl. For this, the club authority will give 15 thousand rupees per hour. And the girl will pay the money according to the contract.

The special hot DJ party has been organized in front of the Dostala Disco. Hot DJ is running on the bottom floor If you go there, then you have to cut the ticket. Taka 1 thousand per ticket After cutting tickets, entering the DJ party, different images were seen. No DJ party nor 10 general DJ party. Here, some male DJs are playing music on the high platform. And in the front of the stage young men and women in each other's arms Some are dancing in the lap of young women. To dance with these young girls, you have to pay a certain amount of money. And you can also touch the special organs if you pay for demand. Wine and beer racket in every party. The price of one cane beer is 5 hundred rupees. Vintage per peg brand of 5 to 1 thousand taka Starting from the senior police officer's official, political leaders are also here with regular customers.

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