Stephen Hawking, father of the late Black Hole theory at the age of 76

Ran off World physicist Stephen Hawking is dead after the dead body and active brain battles This news has been made on behalf of his family. At the time of his death, he was 76 years old.
Family has made statement that Hawking's son Lucy, Robert and Tim together said that Hawking had died on Wednesday morning at his residence in Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking's work will be remembered by the whole world. Along with his talent, along with courage and strength and with the life-force, there is inspiration for the people. His lack will be felt to everyone. It is said in the message of mournful family.
In 1963, the Hawking motor was attacked by neurons. And gradually became paralyzed. But through the speech generating machine, he could convey his mind to the people in front of him.

Hawking's theory of uncertainty brought the black hole to the forefront and showed that the particle flow being disseminated from the black hole. This distortion is now known as 'Hawking radiation'. In 2014, a movie was made about him, named 'Theory of Everything'.

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