The 10 images that are always banned...

The films are often classified according to the audience. Individual photographs are fixed for viewers of different ages. For someone to see what must be seen, it's forbidden to see it again. Many times due to various reasons the ban on the ban came on the film. The reasons behind this are social, political or cultural-related. There are several pictures in Bollywood that have been untimely, despite the restrictions imposed on them, but they have been praised by the intellectuals or the audience. The 12 films that have been found in the Business of the movie.

1. Bandit Quinn (1994): (Director-Shekhar Kapoor)
This picture was created with the life of Phoolan Devi, discussed as 'Barbaric'. Foolon goddess herself also raised objection to this picture, and the debate over it became even more fierce. Sex scenes, intense and unhealthy
The use of language and the violence of violence was in the picture. Although the censor board does not give clearance at the end, the film is well-acclaimed.

2. Fire (1996): (Director-Deepa Mehta)
The release of the ban on political parties and religious groups is almost immediately banned. Hindutva extremist groups were extremely mad at this photo. Two Indians in this film
The story of the development of homosexuality in women is called. Two actresses Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das were given death threats.

3. Tail of Love (1996) at Kamasutra: (Director-Mira Nayar)
This picture, developed on the basis of sexuality, is based on the expression of 'Kama Sutra' of India's autobiography Vatsyayana. Sex is at the root of the story of this film, so there is an abundance of such scenes in the film, that is not to say. Though the film is not well received, but the film is not released in India, the sensor board
4. Black Friday (2004): (Director-Anurag Kashyap)
This photo on the Mumbai bombing incident created a whimsical discussion. The content of this photo is very intense for release in India, the investigation was underway on the Mumbai bombings. The court ordered suspension on the film. Until the end of the investigation, which was enforceable.

5. Amu (2005): (Director-Sonali Bose)
This picture was built on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Kankana Sen Sharma plays central character There are some controversial and true facts about this movie
It is highlighted, so the picture is in the rage of various political parties. Although initially banned, the film was released with 'Adult' ratings after some dialogue and scenes were dropped.

6. Water (2005): (Director-Deepa Mehta)
Deepa Mehta's picture and it will not be debated, it is not! This master director never hesitated to express the different inconsistencies and problems of society. During the shooting of this photo, the victims of attack and hansta had to be photographed This picture is made in the background of the widowhood. Shooting in India was not possible because it was shot in Sri Lanka. Though it was made in 2005, it was not possible to release the film. It was released in 2007 by burning many sticks.

7. Unfidom (2015): (Director-Raj Amit Kumar)
This is the story of the controversial film of 2015 that is related to Islamic terrorism and homosexual relations between two women. Not only sex, but the sensor board is banned from fear of Hindu-Muslim communal riots.

8. Five (2003): (Director-Anurag Kashyap)
Anurag Kashyap's Directorial Debut is through this picture. The film had a great deal of contrast with the mainstream Bollywood film or the story. She did not get the discount for the censor board due to the use of the scene, drug use, acute language and violance. The story of this film was a cover-up of the events of the Joshi-Ajayankar serial killer in 1997.

9. Parzania (2005): (Director-Rahul Dholakia)
During the Gujarat riots, the story of a missing child from her parents has been mentioned in this film. Artist Nasiruddin Shah and Sarika are the main characters of this film. They themselves witness the Gujarat riots. Though the film is highly praised, it is directly banned in Gujarat.

10. Sins (2005): (Director-Vinod Pandey)
This picture shows the story of a priest in Kerala, who goes crazy in love with a woman and is involved with her physical. The Catholic community strongly condemns this picture, while the close-scenes picture at the same time creates a discussion. The film then banned the sensor board.

11. Farrak (2008): (Director-Nandita Das)
This photo is also based on the incidents of Gujarat riots. The image was initially banned in fear of Hindu-Muslim communal riots. Later, the film was released after several parts were changed.

12. URLF Professor (2000): (Director-Pankaj Advani)
This picture is forbidden by showing offensive scenes and the use of indecent language. Actually it's a dark comedy genre. When it was made in 2000, Bollywood was not familiar with the Dark Comedy issue. Although banned, the film is considered as the pioneer film in the dark comedy golana.

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