The 18-year-old girl said that the speed monster spent the night in the hotel with Bolt

The other look of Jamaican legend Usain Bolt came out soon after he proved that he was the world's best in the hotel with Bolt. The 18-year-old Jude Duarte, Brazil's 18-year-old Jude Duvet, has given an exhaustive experience with Bolt, but it is natural to think that he can be a speed emperor in Bolt's track, but in the bed he is a marathon runner.

The pictures of Duarte and Bolt's close moments have spread throughout the world. Duvet has become famous for spending night with the hotel with Bolt. In an interview with Dewart that night, How did he look at Bolt? How is their closure?

Duvet says, "Bolt has the power to win women faster than the gold can win faster." Bolt was seen in a club in Rio with Dougher. Bolt was standing before the young man. Jamaican legend was drawing attention to Brazilian youth Suddenly Bolt removed his body from the shirt. His famous body pack is visible then. How to reject the pack's application in Duarte?

Fulta Duarte sees Bolt's well-organized body. The great protagonist of the great hero of the Olympics makes fun of the beautiful body-shaped body of beauty Duvet. One of the unimpressive draws pulled Brazilian beauty to Bolt. At first Duet could not understand the face of a dusty face standing in front of him is Bolt.

When you return, call Bolt's bodyguard. Do not go backward, sit down and sit in the taxi, in the taxi. There are always kisses. Bolt and Duver's taxi goes straight to the Olympics Village. No one stopped the car. No one wanted to know about Duart's identity.

Dwyer did not have any idea about the expensive hotel. He was very sophisticated in Bolt. It was very little talked about two people. Boult admits the form of Duart in what he had said. Dwight was not understanding about Jamaican legendary thinking, Bolt wanted to do something.

Bolt and Duvre's deep love began to enter the room. "We were in bed for a long time," says Duart. "In the first 40 minutes. After a few minutes of rest, the two continued the instincts. At 9 o'clock in the morning, Bolt said he would meet again at Duart's taxi fares, and they would meet again at paralympics. Bolt did not give the number one to Duarte

Jamaican legends Duvet said, "Bolt has to look dull. Big big stars With that Bolt is also savage. That night's experience is great. '

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