The flying motorbike of Dubai police

Flying motorbikes by police - sophisticated Lamborghini, robot police after the flight has been added to the Dubai police force flying motorbike. Under the Dubai Smart City scheme, the Dubai government has attached flying motorbikes to the police force.

Russian tech company HoverSurf designed the floating vehicle This seat in one seat can fly 40 miles per hour and 25 minutes in the sky. Apart from this, the car can carry 600 pounds of vanity.

The flying motorbike has been named Scorpion. This was first shown in a tech show this year. However, the government of Dubai has decided to make this type of journey widely. (Source: CNN)
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Girls are more happy than any kind of gifts?

Different views are given below

Many people have written jewelry jewelry etc. I say that whatever the gift is, if the person of his mind bought him for his own income, then he is very happy.

I am talking about those who have a genuine mind They do not have any sympathy for them. There is nothing unhappy about those who do not have any hesitation.

So you can show the girlfriend If a boy gives gifts to girls they feel proud Their pride increased 50 times

I am a girl I am most happy as if someone gives me a beautiful book gift with a belt belly. I think all the girls like this gift

If there is no alternative for gold
Any kind of jewelry is preferred as a gift

Shops or puppets There are also cosmetic items

Teddy Bear is the best-gift

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