The Third World War, the youth from the future, the media of the future!

His claim, he is coming from the future. Not a very distant future, the young man named Mr. Pilip claims that he was born in 2043.
In the report published by the international media 'Mirror', the young man, Mr. Phillips, claimed that he was a Time Traveler. Because of his birth in 2043, the future which we have for him is past to him! As a result, he knows the date of some incident, which is not possible for us to know.

Philips' claim, third world war will happen in 2019! And it will happen in the collision between Donald Trump's United States and North Korea. However, he could not show any evidence about this. But after that he has said that in the near future, the world will have to face a great drought.

The man named Phillips said that this war will end in 2020. The amount of damage to this war will be huge. Nine million people will die in it, nuclear weapons will also be used. But for a short period of time this civil war will end.

Philips's claim, Trump will win this war and be in power for a second time. Trying to become a US president after the trump Oprah Winfrey But he will not succeed. Instead, a man named Michael Macintosh will be seen in the presidential position. And at this time people on Mars will keep their feet.

Social media is also outdated about Philip's prediction. Most people laugh at this video, which they commented on. But interestingly, people interested in time travel, many people have expressed their interest in Phillips's speech.

Phillips's video on YouTube has begun. But there is also a comment that scientists have found in the subject of a little 'possibility' in social media.

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