The TV serials have public nudity and sexuality

Sex scene is not something rare in the film. But nude and sex in the TV program has not yet entered. It's normal. Because the television goes into the house of the house. Naturally there is some difficulty in showing open sex. Nevertheless, any television program has passed beyond this moral boundary and brought sexual scenes to the viewer's drawing room. Here are some of the events that are here-
1. Sex and the City (1998):
This TV serial is made with the personal and professional life of four women in thirteen. It is understood that the name of the serial is sexuality. In addition to open discussions about women's sex life, uninterrupted sex scenes can also be seen in many episodes of this serial. In this series, actress Kim Katrall has released breast several times in front of the camera.
The main character of this serial is the author of alcohol and sexually transmitted infections, who is looking for a way to get rid of this addiction. This film starring David Dokotvi, is full of actors and actresses, nudity is very cheap. Open breasts and open hipes have been seen over the years in this series. But this very sympathetic sex scene can not be found in this series.
3. True Blood (2008):
People and vampires live together in a fantasy town named Forest Tempses. These serials tell them the story. Each episode of this serial in nudity and sex is intrinsic. Even the front nudity or the full frontal nudity of the flower is very cheap here. In a famous scene of this serial, Vampire's leader Lilith was coming out of a blood pond with her vampire mates completely naked. Cameras were found to be the first open front part of their body.
4. Spartacus (2010):
The serial was created by the famous slave leader of the Roman Empire. Almost all episodes were filled in sex. The public nudity of men and women was a waterfall. For almost unnecessarily, the characters of this serial could be seen to be involved in mating. There is no sex on TV and almost no syllabus.
5. Game of Thrones (2011):
Violent sex, sexual violence, sexual abuse on girls - there is no this series! This serial name will be on top of the list of popularity. In a famous scene, actress queen acted as Rani Sarsi was seen walking in a naked naked street on the public street. Both scenes of front and back - were seen in this scene of nudity. Many viewers were uncomfortable watching this scene.

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