The world's longest Sea bridge awaiting the opening

The longest seaboard - the world's longest marine beach has finally been completed. The 55 kilometer (34 miles) tall bridge will connect Hong Kong, Macao and mainland China. The tunnel under the spiral road crossing and water is also included in this bridge. 60 of the Eiffel Tower could be built with 420,000 tons of iron to build the bridge.

After the construction began nine years ago, the Chinese government released some information for the first time in this mega project last week. It is reported that the bridge will link the dispute between the southern Zhuhai city of the country with Pearl River estuarine.

Although the bridge is not yet fixed, the Chinese officials hope that the bridge will be suitable for use for up to 120 years.

A part of the bridge has been found in the bottom of the water. Planning to bridge the gap between six and seven kilometers long, remembering to spend most of the night in the night, Plant Manager of the bridge project Kao Sinhalin said, "There are many complications when doing the work. As a result, I spent a lot of night that I could not even sleep in one foot. The most challenging task was to add 80 thousand tonnes of pipe to the bottom of the ocean with the help of waterproof technology.

Many of the costs have not been spent on implementing the entire project, including multiple artificial islands, connecting roads and new border crossings, although many believe that the expenditure has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Critics say, it's actually a white elephant. Hong Kong opposition says China has taken the project to strengthen control over semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

The project was supposed to be completed by the end of 2017, but it was not due to budget increase, corruption allegations, construction workers' death etc.

Meanwhile, the security of the bridge has raised questions. Because, 19 laborers have been accused of giving false concrete reports, one of whom was taken prisoner last December. Source: Arab News

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