These 12 mammals photo have won international awards ...

This is the most controversial issue of child mammals - in recent years. It came as a surprise to me. I want to say that what the breast is for, is not it?

I was perplexed by seeing this mockery and sometimes hateful people make bad comments about their baby's nipples in general for nature.

Fortunately, a group of mothers showed that breastfeeding their children's full breast feeding that breastfeeding does not mean that a social ban for so long is not something that is shameful.

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1. A flower child
A beautiful picture that says, "I support life and I manage it nicely." Those flowers are nothing more than your child.

2. True kiss kissing
A child is potentially a valuable and helpless thing. There are a few ways to help achieve a mother's nutrient potential.

3. Three are never crowded
This photo is hot with love, even in the cold background. There may be more debates about breastfeeding for older children, but the result for this mother is auspicious.

4. Mom can be your everything
There is no bigger feeling than the mother that she can go there to support her kids where they need him. According to mother's love, it seems that their children can use them as a resource for everything. Mother is eating and entertaining here!

5. Feel the wind
These believers eyes are focused on the mother. Their relationship increased when the two joined together. Thus great connection and family ties are firm.

6. Majestic
After some time this child will see this image and see its beauty.

7. Protected her lap
The world's safest, happiest place for this hunger will be nothing more than this.

8. A snack
Sometimes you are rushing but hurts hungry. The business that will open for business at the top of the formal group.

9. Lazy windows
It is a family thing to see sitting and dreaming in the window. Now it's a perfect high altitude for both.

10. Share of love
Many mothers will tell you that suicides are the biggest relief that a woman has. It even reveals a humble feeling of most stone-minded women.

11. Blossom
This little baby life is just enthusiastically when everything is full blown. The mother can wait for her small flowers to grow and eat all these nutritious food, which is not going to happen later, but it can happen later.

12. "I love you forever, I always like you. As long as I live my child you will be alive ".
A mother's love is eternal, and feeding is an important part of showing her love. There is a lot of love between mother and her baby while giving me food. Let's try to change some mind and heart so that this natural law can lose its negative stigma.

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