This woman gave birth to a child in the sea

Children in the sea water - incredible moment! The newly born baby is being taken from sea water. With the child's parents and a doctor. It's astonishing that one Russian couple came to Egypt's Red Cage to give birth to babies. The media said on the Daily Mail Online.

A person named Hadia Hosni El Said has taken pictures of that incredible moment. He picked these pictures from a building in the north of Egypt's tourist city Sharm al Sheikh.

In pictures, it is seen that the newborn baby has been helped to bring her father from the sea to the shore. The baby's mother was seen a little later. It would seem to him that he was just bathing in the sea. But in reality he gave birth to a boy.

Mother and child were both healthy. The baby is kept in a container after birth. Still the baby's pulse was not cut. Another child in the family was waiting to welcome the child.

Hadiya said that the elderly person, who is experienced in water delivery, is a doctor. After making the pictures on Facebook on Saturday, they became viral. More than two thousand shares. And thousands of comments have been read The identity of the mother and child was not disclosed.

Many people in the social media have praised this couple.

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