Tsunamis coming horrible, up to 12 feet high waves ...

Tsunamis coming in the form of a tsunami, horrifyingly tsunamis, up to 12 feet high waves. The danger of a massive Tsunami collapse in New Zealand It is feared that up to 12 feet of waves could rise. US expert Stephen Ward said that the tsunami that could collapse on the east coast of New Zealand. Money means the Church of Christ from Auckland is in danger of disaster.

If tsunamis in the big city of Auckland are frozen, its consequences may be horrific. Christchurch will also have a big impact. In 2011 there was a severe earthquake. The tsunami energy will be 3.6 tonnes. The tsunami has been reported to be about 10 minutes after the earthquake.

Pacific and Australian tectonic plates collide with each other, this earthquake will hit. What is to be seen is that tsunami, it has been shown through the computer. Experts say that the best waves in Wellington are going to rise.

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