Understand 10 signs that your kidney is not working properly

Understand 10 signs - Every day our body parts are engaged in various activities. Our brain works with thousands of information throughout the day, our heart is busy with blood circulation, as well as each organs is busy in such a specific task.

The problem is that we have different kinds of problems in these limbs in everyday life. This is why our organities can not function properly at times.

They then tried to communicate with us in different ways. The organs tell us about their bad condition by showing various symptoms in our body.

We do not always understand their symptoms. And in the same way the condition of our ancestors is worse. But in the right time, if we can catch the right problems, we can stay better and avoid bigger complications.

Today we mention 10 million words in Faparbaj. Seeing the 10 signs that our kidneys are not working properly.

1. If there are sleep problems

When kidneys do not work properly, waste matter from our body can not go out with all urine. And these waste products make our body poisoning. Normal sleep disturbed due to this poisoning.

2. Headache, Obesity and Weakness

Acting properly, kidneys produce Vitamin D in our body which makes our bones well-structured and creates an EPO called hormone that helps in creating red blood cells in our body.

If the kidney does not work properly, then there is a lack of energy and oxygen in our bodies due to the absence of these two types of components. As a result, headache, fatigue and physical weakness are created.

3. Dry and itching skin

The healthy kidneys expose the waste material from our body and blood. And enough helps in the formation of red blood cells. If the kidney does not work properly, blood and body become contaminated, so our skin becomes dry and the itch is added.

4. Finds smelly lids and metallic flavors

When a lot of waste is absorbed in the blood, it affects the taste of the food and it seems to be tasty of food to eat. And the stench came due to blood poisoning.

5. Breath weakness

If the kidney does not work properly, then the breathlessness arises. And this is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, excessive waste products enter the lungs and inhibit breathing. Second, there is a lack of oxygen due to the absence of red blood cells in the body, resulting in weakness of the breath.

6. Ankle, hand and foot bloating

Excessive sodium is accumulated in the body when excessive amount of waste is found in the blood. That is why the bloating of ankle, hands and feet is created.

7. If you have back pain

If the kidney does not work properly, it may cause back pain. There may also be pain on the legs. These symptoms occur when a lot of waste is found in kidneys. And it can cause polycystic kidney disease.

8. Swollen eyes

Being blamed for inflammation of the eyes is mainly due to excess urine with urine. If the kidney does not work properly, it does not spread the proteins in the body and exposes the protein with urine. And due to the lack of protein, the eyes get swollen.

9. High blood pressure

The body's blood circulatory system and kidneys are related to each other. If kidneys do not work properly then the blood pressure difference is observed.

10. Urine change

The kidneys mainly exposes all the waste materials in your body with urine. So changing the urine color, odor and frequency indicates kidney problems. See urine urine, blood flow with urine and not urine properly.

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