What to do if you have ankle pain

Pain in the ankle of ankle - What to do if you have ankle pain - Many of the ankles in the ankles are present. It has to walk out and walk. What to do if you have pain in the ankle legs today will be discussed.

In recent times, pain in the ankle of the feet is heard in many mouths. Especially in the case of those who are in the age of 40, this is happening more often. The main reason is weight gain.

Banyan heel can not tolerate body mass due to overweight. And so it feels pain in the ankle foot. That is why it takes a walk out of the open.

Today it will be discussed how how to heal the ankle. Doctors first say to reduce weight. If you lose weight, you will be able to recover from pain. But initially doctors give some penny kills. For those whose amount of pain is more.

For those who are overweight in their age, weight loss is very important. Because if you do not have weight control you will also be at risk of diabetes. So weight must be controlled.

Find out some effective tips to control the ankle pain. It will prevent ankle pain and diabetes and other risks will not be there.

At first you have to use soft shoes for beginners. Whether it is leather shoes or rubber sandals, it is very soft. In order to reduce the pain in the ankle is less likely.

To reduce the number of hats that can be reduced. Without the need, it is better not to have a hattahati.

Try not to stand long enough, especially in a difficult place.

Do not pick up any heavy thing.

Such as: High weight market bags, water bucket buckets do not carry this type of thing.

When stepping up the stairs, keep the spine straight and support with the hand. Reduce the use of ankle as soon as possible during the movement.

If the pain is high, it is better not to do any exercise.

Women are not allowed to use high heel shoes.

To reduce body weight, eat bread and drink in the morning and night. And the foods that contain more calories now have to be excluded.

If you follow the above rules then your ankle pain will be removed. But if you see the pain is long lasting then consult a doctor. But remember that if you follow the rules of medicine, it will be good for the body to get ankle pain.

Anyone can follow these rules. It can lead a healthy life.

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