Wondering if Hazrat Mohammad (S) said about the beef!

Hazrat Mohammad (S.) - The cow's meat is the favorite of everyone. The cattle demand is more than other consumable halal animals. Simply available, on the other hand, a strong price. The meat of the beef is fun and beloved to those who are free from the disorderly disease. But the number of people of this class is very low.

Increasing number of patients per house is increasing every day. Doctors, especially people with diabetes, heart disease, high-pacer, are prohibited from eating cow's meat, and now let's see what Islam says. What is the solution to Islam?

If there is such a big harm, then there is no explanation for what is in Islam. Of course there are. Today, fourteen hundred years ago, the Prophet of humanity, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), warned the Ummah about the cow's meat.

But we have neglected this matter as other things of the Shari'ah. The disease of which is a serious disease spread to our society. It is lawful to eat cow's meat. But because of the damage to play, it has been told to abstain.

Hadrat Hakim and Abu Nayem (ra) narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "You must drink cow's milk. Because there is Shifa (cure) in it, eat its ghee in the same manner.

Because it is the giver (the healer). But refrain from its meat. Because there is disease in it. "(Source: Hashiya Musnad Imam Azam)

This instruction of the Prophet has been told fourteen hundred years ago today. Whose authenticity has become clear today in the light of daylight. Researchers from the modern era have researched his guidance on this instruction.

Medical researchers have admitted that there is a type of bacteria in cow's meat. The bacteria T.B. (Tuberculosis) is a serious disease and heart disease.

Health scientists have carried out deep inquiries into this matter and discovered that cow's meat such as Heppi is the cause of boils and similarly it causes a serious brain disorder. Who is called Med-Kawise Medicine in Medical Science

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