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The story of Emperor Shahjahan and Mamtaz is one of the world's most exciting love stories. They have such an immense love story. But the love story of emperor Shahjahan and Momtaz awoke for a special reason. Then the Taj Mahal is famous for Shahjahan's emperor for Mamtaz. Today we will present the details of the Taj Mahal here.

Shahjahan is 20 years old One day, on the way to Agra market, Shahjahan's eyes went away to a pretty beautiful girl. the girl's name is Arjumand Begum, 15. Shahjahan likes Arjumand Begum to show first Later, on 10 May 1612, Mamtaz was married to Prince Khurram (Emperor Shahjahan). (But Wikipedia says they were both 15 and 14 years old at the time of marriage). But before the political affairs of the empire Shahjahan married the princess of Persia. Later, Emperor Shahjahan changed his wife's name to Mamtaj Mahal. Mamtazee was Shahjahan's favorite favorite. In the nineteen year of married life, Momtaz has fourteen children. In 1631, Momtaz Mahal died at the age of 39, giving birth to 14th child at Burhnapar. Shame on losing his wife Shahjahan created this memorabilia of love for the memories of his beloved wife. Sataraat Shahjahan did not eat anything after seven days of his wife's death. There was no time from the house. After seven days Shahjahan got out. Then the hair color has become gray, face fade.

Mumtaz is actually the wife of Shahjahan

The story of Emperor Shahjahan and Mumtaz is as much discussed as discussed, that Mamtaj is actually the wife of emperor Shah Jahan. According to Wikipedia, Momtaz was the second wife of Emperor Shahjahan. It is said somewhere that Momtaj Shahjahan's third wife, nowhere else is said to be the fourth wife. Actually what is the right woman is not said right here.

Debate on the story of Emperor Shahjahan and Mamtaz:

A professor named PN Oak also questioned the authenticity of Shahjahan and Mamtaz's love story in his "Taj Mahal: The True Stir". In his writing, he mentioned that the story of the love of Momtaz and Shahjahan is basically a fairy tale which is made up of people. Because there is no mention in India's official document or texts about such deep and wonderful love. He also presented some documents that prove that the Taj Mahal is never the time of Emperor Shahjahan's time. These are, New York's Archaeologist Marvin Miller examines the samples of the Taj Mahal adjacent to the banks of the Jamuna river. He gets the information that carries carbon data, this carbon emperor is more than 300 years old than Shahjahan's regime! Another thing is that a European tourist traveled to Agra in 1638. Only seven years after the death of Shahjahan's wife Momtaz But he did not mention Taj Mahal in his written India tour.

There is also a debate:

According to the story of Emperor Shahjahan and Mamtaz, Emperor Shahjahan saw Momtaz in the market and first loved Momtaj in the first place. But it is also heard that before marriage with Shahjahan, Mamtaz got married and Emrat Shahjahan killed the husband of Momtaj and then married Momtaz. Not only that, even before Mamtaz, Emperor Shahjahan had 3 more wives and after marrying Momtaj, Emperor Shahjahan married three more. Even after the death of Mumtaz, Shahjahan married his younger sister Mumtaz. The name of the Taj Mahal was named - Isha Mohammad He made a sculpture to give gifts to his wife. After the choice of emperor Shahjahan, it was designed according to the design of the world famous Taj Mahal and the person's eyes were ruined so that he could not make this design again. Not only this, the emperor Shah Jahan had cut the hands of twenty thousand workers who built this corridor in the night. A cruel and cruel history of love is hidden behind the love story of Emperor Shahjahan-Momtaz and behind the Taj Mahal.

Information on the construction of the Taj Mahal:

Today, where Taj Mahal stands, it was the property of Maharaja Jay Singh. Shahjahan acquired the land in exchange for a massive palace in central Agra. The construction of Taj Mahal started in 1632; One year after the death of Mumtaz. In 1648, more than 20 thousand workers' work was completed, after 17 years after the death of Momtaz, the construction of dome was completed; Although the whole work was completed in 1653. Not just people; The great Bhagirathi 1000 elephants, who were engaged in transporting marble stones for construction. The architecture of different religions is imitated in this building; Like the trident of Taj's head, it is like the mausoleum of the Muslims, like the mosque of the Muslims, four monuments of the Taj Mahal and the domes of the head.

The entire Taj Mahal is 180 feet high, with its main dome being 213 feet tall and 60 feet wide and four towers around it, each with a height of 162.5 feet. The size of the whole complex is 1902X1002 feet. The Taj Mahal is built on 186x186 feet marble. Its main entrance is 151X117 feet wide and 100 feet high. The Taj Mahal is brought from Punjab to make clear marble stones, Green stone from China, Transparent and blue stone from Tibet and Blue from Sri Lanka. Apart from India, Pakistan and Persia, this unique architecture is composed of about 28 types of precious stones from different countries of the world.

It is difficult to estimate the cost of construction at that time and there is a slight variation in the cost of construction of the Taj Mahal due to some problems. An estimated 32 million rupees ($ 1000000) of rupees was estimated to cost the construction of the Taj Mahal. But the cost of labor, the time taken in the construction and due to the different economic era, its worth a lot, it is called priceless.

The land that the Taj Mahal was standing on was very low. The land, which is left over a lot of soil, is about 50 meters (160 feet) high above the height of the river Yamuna. Just like the recent earthquake proof building, many layers are lame and then filled with stones, sand and soil. This foundation of the Taj Mahal will not be affected by earthquake or severe natural disasters. The construction of a huge platform on the filled baskets is completed and the construction of the mausoleum is completed. To build houses now, bamboo scaffold is required. The scaffold created for the construction of the Taj Mahal is also an amazing example. A large brick made scaffold was made for the above work of the Taj Mahal. The scaffold was so great that the masons said that they would take years to break them. Then Shahjahan ordered that the brick of this house can be taken completely free. Overnight, the huge scum disappears. Thousands of poor farmers of the state take away the bricks of that house to build their own houses.

Its chief designer was Ostad Ahmed Lahori, also Abdul Karim Mamur Khan and Makramat Khan, who was the most perfect, skilled and highly skilled engineer and designer of the time. Besides, the famous Caligraphics of the Taj Mahal performed by the then Caliographer Abdul Haq, who was impressed with the appreciation of his famous artography, the Emperor himself gave him the title of 'Amanat Khan'.

There is a debate over the Taj Mahal:
Professor PN Ake has challenged the history of Taj Mahal in its abstract art, "Taj Mahal: The True Stir". He claimed that Taj Mahal is not a grave grave built in honor of Begum Momtaj, but it is the temple of the ancient Hindu god Shiva. The name of this temple was 'Tej Mahalaya'. In this temple, the Rajputs of Agra worshiped, so this temple was not known to the common people. And the name of Taj Mahal from 'Tej Mahalaya' This was followed by Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial in memory of his dead wife. Professor PN Oak, who discovered shocking words by searching history, is that the Shah Jahan unknowingly occupied the Shiva temple, the Taj Mahal from Jaipur, by Maharaja Jay Singh of Jaipur. Emperor Shahjahan himself has mentioned in his calendar 'Badshahnama', which has been selected by PN Aok, the king has been chosen for the graveyard of a beautiful palatial building of Agra from Mamtaz Mahal, and for this, to buy land elsewhere from King Jai Singh for the emperor. Has been there. Professor Ak expressed doubt on the name of 'Taj Mahal'. He said that in the Mughal period even in the reign of shahjahan there are no documents and court records in the name of 'Taj Mahal' anywhere. At that time there was no circulation in the name of a building or palace named Mahal in Muslim rule. Besides, the name 'Taj Mahal' came from Mamtaj Mahal did not accept this also from Professor Ak. He mentioned two reasons behind this. First, the real name of the emperor Shahjahan's wife was never a mumtaz. The second reason, when someone builds a palace named psychologically, leaving the first two letters of the name, instead of leaving Momtaz's mom, keeping Taj's name does not fall into human nature.

Referring to some inconsistencies in the architectural style of Professor AK Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahal is nothing but the Hindu Shiva temple. He further argued, some of the Taj Mahal of Shahjahan, Talabandi, which is still unknown to the public. He firmly claimed that in one of those rooms, there is the headless idol of God Shiva, which means Shiva Linga which is commonly seen in the Shiva temples of Hindus. In the book written by Professor Ake of the famous Taj Mahal, the Indira Gandhi Government of India wrote the book and lifted all copies from the market and stopped releasing any other copy of it in India. There are reasons to show that if this book is published then there is a possibility of religious and political conflicts and royot boundaries between Hindus and Muslims in India. Later, researchers in the analysis of Professor Ak's current history and his book analyzed the marquee stone, Islamic culture, Alokaya's verse, caligraphy, and the beauty of the magnificent sculptures. All of these were in the time of Emperor Shahjahan, but the Taj Mahal could not be established by Shahjahan.

In spite of the debate, the Taj Mahal is a unique celebration of glorious ornamentation among Mughal Muslim architectural works. Wonders of the Wonders.

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