10 countries that are on top of illegal physical relations!

At the top of the physical relationship- When everyone talks about unrelated relationships, they all point to the western world. This idea is somewhat wrong. Because of the topmost relations outside of Thailand, the Asian countries are at the top of unrelated illegal relations. 56 percent of the married couples have unrelated relations.

The UK's daily Independent recently released a survey of unmarried relations in a survey. The top country is Thailand, but nine other countries in Europe.

The United States is not in the top ten but the United States. The survey was conducted by married couples from different countries of the world, The Rich and Match.com. According to Reich Dotcom's report on the United States in the top ten of the survey, 80 percent of Americans think that marriage is worse than human cloning, suicide and polygamy.

So it is called fraud in the United States. According to the list of illegal relations, the reasons for being listed in the list and list of the top ten countries are given.

1. Finland: 36 percent. Since 2010, the rate of illegal relations between the married people in Finland is increasing rapidly. According to many, in Finland, illegal relationships are often seen as an experience.

Many times socialization is also acknowledged. According to the Matro.com survey, there are at least 10 women's relationships with at least one man in every five men. The rate of illegal relations between women is more than that.

2. United Kingdom: 36 percent. The UK's illegal relations rate is equivalent to Finland. But there is remorse due to the relations between the UK and the UK. Half of the people accepting illegal relations suffer for this.

This regrets feel the French double the number. Many believe that the United Kingdom's position would have been higher when the royal family was involved in the survey.

3. Spain: 39 percent. Traditionally, there is more Catholic influence in Spain. So socially illegal relations are seen in a bad way. But the divorce rate is 60 percent here. Before the separation, the number of illegal relations could be higher due to the fact of the other.

4. Belgium: 40 percent. France's close relations with Belgium There are similarities in human thought. In the country, the popularity of the online dating site is very popular among married couples. This number is 10 million in a top dating site. That is, 10 percent of the country's population is related to the illegal.

5. Norway: 41 percent. With Norway's climate change, the rate of unrelated illegal relations changes. In the summer, the number of subscribers has increased by 78% on many websites for online illegal ties. But in the winter the Norwegian preferred to stay in their own home rather than illegal relations.

6. France: 43 percent. In many countries of the world, unrelated relationships are not considered too bad. Let's talk about France. If there is a relationship between a French President and a young man's relationship, then there is a lot of discussion in the world.

However, the matter was not discussed much in France. But in France, there is another factor to keep in mind that, like the Fifty Shades of Gray, the film is very suitable for 12 years or more.

Many were surprised by the fact that the French were not the first to be married in relation to outside relationships. Most French thinks that having unrelated relationships is not bad. 63 percent of French thinks it is possible to love one's relationship without being honest about relationships. Only 28 percent of the regret is acknowledged in terms of illegal relations.

7. Germany: 45 percent. The Germans emphasize married relationships more than the French. However, they have more illicit relations. 40 percent of the men who regret the illegal relationship have regretted that. In the case of German women, this figure is 43 percent.

8. Italy: 45 percent. Italy's former prime minister is criticized worldwide for illegal relations. In the eighteenth century, Casanova cahini Italian, discussed for illegal relations.

It is not unusual for the people of that country to be third in the world of legality. But divorce rate in Italy is very low. In other words, in many cases illegal relations have been accepted socially.

9. Denmark: 46 percent. Copenhagen, Denmark, was known for a long time as the capital of unrelated illegal relations in Europe. However, the city has recently lost this glory (?). The number of married women on Denmark's online dating has increased.

10. Thailand: 56 percent. Thailand's Bangkok has the highest number of red light districts (sexiest) in the world. The country's economy comes in a big way from this sector. Among the Thai marriages, the number of illegal women involved in the highest 56 percent of the world.

In many societies in Thailand, relations between men and women are not bad. Apart from this, among the richest men, Mia Noise has made a connection with women other than women.
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