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18+ learning videos Attention will be useful. Media is the mirror of society. Media work to highlight different aspects of society. Many black aspects of the society are very well presented in different plays.

There are many things to learn from these. But for the sake of the story many videos are slightly adult. But these videos are very instructive. So find a video. You can learn a lot about watching videos. Request full video viewing.

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If the issuance of cancellation of breach of quota is not issued then the movement again

If the announcement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's declaration of cancellation of government jobs is not published in the form of a gazette, the Kota Reform Movementers have declared the movement again.

On Thursday (26th April) the leaders of Bangladesh General School Reservation Council announced a press conference organized in front of the central library of Dhaka University.

The press conference demanded withdrawal of unidentified cases against ordinary students, according to the rules, the announcement of the announcement within two-three days of the Prime Minister's announcement to the parliament in the parliament will be issued. But it was not so many days. Prime Minister's statement will be published in the form of gazette. We want to go back to the reading table.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has announced the cancellation of the quota on April 11 in the face of the opposition demanding a quota reform in the government service. The protesters postponed the movement until the announcement of the quota on the day after the announcement of the Prime Minister.

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