18+ videos but very educational videos Do not understand the whole video, otherwise do not understand

18+ videos but very educational videos Request full video: Media is the mirror of society. Media work to highlight different aspects of society. Many black aspects of the society are very well presented in different plays. Learn from these

There are many things. But for the sake of the story many videos are slightly adult. But these videos are very instructive. So find a video. You can learn a lot about watching videos. Request full video viewing.
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The punishment of child rape is death penalty
India's central cabinet has decided to execute the highest punishment in any child rape case under 12 years. On Saturday (April 21st) an ordinance was passed in the Indian cabinet.
After Jammu and Kashmir's Kadua clan last week, the Central Women and Child Welfare Minister, Smt. Gandhi, proposed to change the law in the case of rape. In the meeting of the central committee this day, discussions on what can be the final punishment of child rape.
At the end, the cabinet decides death sentence. The proposal was initially received from the central home ministry. According to the recently introduced 'Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Act (Pcso) - 2012', children under 12 years of age are subjected to sexual abuse.
There are provisions for maximum life imprisonment and at least seven years of punishment. But the Supreme Court told the court that the process of amendment of the law to give exemplary punishment to the criminals was done by the country's central government.

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