A sophisticated cattle farm, which you will be absolutely surprised! (Video)

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Marriage will get 200 crores but no one is willing to agree I would be surprised if you know

Billionaire's father's daughter. Dowry will get 200 million taka from the bride's daughter 'dowry' But the condition is one, the girl will have to agree to marry. If the girl gets married, she will get 200 crores. The girl does not like any man. Sexual relations with a man unwilling to make any kind of ongoing Hong Kong-millionaire businessman Cecil Jiji daughter would be asked.

Jiji himself admits that she is a lesbian, not a male,

His love for women, his mind So, to marry, she will choose a woman. Billionaire's father tried many things to change the girl's thinking. Without getting any way, Baba organized 'Swayamvar'. 20 thousand registrations, 50 thousand attempts, all attempts are unsuccessful. Jiji did not agree
Finally, the father decided to take cecilia and accept the decision of the girl. "I do not want to enter the realm of his personal life. I just want to be happy and marry, let him lead the children of my empire, "Cecil be asked for comments

The girl also pleaded her father, to accept his thoughts and thoughts. Dad did not interrupt Cecil Jiji married his own favorite man Sin Yaw. Jiji and Yva are enjoying a happy family for 9 years. But father thinks his daughter is still single.

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Those who acted in blue films have responded to the child. ??

Those who act in porn movies have to face different kinds of shameful situations every day. Especially the porn actresses.

Despite being a legitimate occupation and many people around the world have enjoyed this, they have an unusual kind of attitude towards everyone. Though people's expenditure is increasing day by day, the issue is still strictly prohibited in the society.

Having ignored the scandal in society about porn movies, this industry probably means daring to perform the most difficult task. Going to any other profession is much easier than this.

In spite of all, many have survived this work decades after decades. Many celebrities have been created in the industry. Many have won many awards. They have made a big fan base.

After working in this profession for 15 to 20 years, many like American porn actress Lisa Ann and Jessica Drake have succeeded outside the industry.

Regarding the feelings of Drake, who came to the world of mainstream acting and modeling, while ignoring all scandals and tears, he said, 'Because of shame and scandal, we once thought that we have the opportunity to work somewhere else. We were ashamed of ourselves. By doing this we have done our greatest harm. '

Apart from these social causes, there is another special reason why porn actresses face terrible shame due to their career. That is their motherhood.

Many actresses also have discussions with their sisters-in-law, even their parents, about their acting in the porn industry. But it becomes much more difficult for his child. Especially when they learn to enter the Internet world.

Former editor Pornstar Arora Snow said in an article in the American media Daily Beast, "Acting in porn movies and being a mother is indeed a very difficult task.

Snow wrote, 'Parents working in the entertainment world have to pull their walls and a wall into their own home. There is a lot to hide them. Children have to stay away from discussions with more talk.

One-time porn actress Long Jane Silver faced this kind of experience. He was involved in porn films in the seventies. One of her paintings on film in her porn movie once saw her girl on the internet. He asked his mother in the telephone, 'Mom, have you ever heard of Long Jane Silver?'

After listening to this, Silver cut the phone call. After calling the girl, she said, 'I want to talk to you about the matter with you.' The second challenge is to be faced when the people do not take the matter naturally. At the same time they are not ready to accept a woman as a sex worker and a loving mother.

Alana Evans, who has worked in porn films for almost two decades at a time. After learning about his work, teachers were banned from going to school in his mother's room.

At one event, Alana Evans was asked, "How good a woman can be a porn actress?" He replied, "I used to use my body to provide me and my son's expenses. My son looked at it with respect. And knew, I'm not doing anything for myself. I'm doing it for him. '

Savanna Samson, another renowned actress in the porn world. He has played more than 80 films. His two sons were born during the peak of fame.

Samson is sure to make a great deal of luxury for the boys with his earning money. He said, 'I've done everything I've done in my life. One day they will benefit more from this. '

Samson is currently trying to remove all his porn pictures from Google. He said it was not for his own sake, but for his son. Porn actress Stormi Daniels said in an interview in 2012 that despite her acting in the film, she lived with her little boy.

He was asked, when he retires from the painting industry, how will his son girl ask him about his work? Daniels said, 'I will tell them, their mother was involved in such a task, so many people have the consent. But their mother is proud of it. It's his job to adults. '

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