After leaving underwear, Chaniki Pandey's niece went to the party, seeing the pictures would be surprised to see

The niece of Chanaki Pandey - we went astray before going anywhere. And there are some important things that do not go wrong. Some things we forget about the busyness of the work, but there are some things that you have to hide in front of everyone after forgetting.

And you saw in the film that they forgot to wear suits because of the rush of work and later to shame in front of everyone. But it has also been in reality. Learn how it is

 All of you know that with their stars, their kids are very modern and glamorous. Apart from Suhana and Sarah, many kids star performs at all times. And now all these kids have been practicing every day. And none of them is the niece of the Pandey Pandey, Alana Pandey.

Alana always shares pictures of Bold Picture Instagram. And she posts some pictures that other kids do not star, she needs to see a different bowl from everyone. And she sometimes shares pictures with her boyfriend.

 And this time a video of her is very viral and the video is taken to her brother's party. And this happened in this party is a strange event that does not happen with anyone. In fact, he has to be ashamed of his clothes. And her dress was very fair.

And for some time this video is viral so obvious that where Alana forgot to wear her secret lingerie in the party, and she had to face shame in front of everyone. And it can be said that it is the desire to showcase his bold necks.

 Because sometimes he has done such a thing but now he shows how he can enter Bollywood in this way. And we have given some pictures to this video, and now you see these pictures how they got to be ashamed in front of everyone.

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