Cheer Leader says the real mystery, If you know what some players do with them, get angry

The Cheer Leader said that there is a lot of controversy with the start of the IPL. There has not been any such thing till now that there is no dispute. And every year like this year, the IPL is going to start April 7.

And this time there will be no dispute. And the most controversy in the IPL is with the Chair Leaders. And a few days ago a Chirr Leader came forward in front of such a truth that after knowing you will be surprised.

 In fact, some Chirolider had some questions about the IPL. Those questions were in the audience, did they try to touch them? Do they try to look for them? And if you know the answers that were shot, you will be surprised, know what they said -

 And this year, the IPL is going to start on April 7. And this year many IPLs have been organized. Because many players are new now and many teams have changed. And many IPL players in this IPL come to India and play in a different team.

 In the previous year, South Africa's Chirsillidor brought out a single word that is really surprising. And Gobriela was a churislider.

And he shared a post. And as a result, he was removed from that job. In fact, after the game he told the team of Late Night party.

And Gobriela said that what was done there. Actually he was the Chair of the Mumbai Indians chairs. And he talked about some bad behavior with the players against the players.

And he gave the name of some players through his post. And there was a lot of storm in the post, and the post was released. And then he was removed from the IPL.

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