Do not do these 10 things after the breakup, maybe the situation is bad ...

Forget after the breakup - love throws us into a bad habit. If one day he does not talk to him, the day will be considered incomplete. In his happiness, his happiness begins to appear.

We do not want to be away from him for a moment. Life is like a snake stairs. No one knows when it will happen. Sometimes, the relationship between parents and parents has broken.
In this situation, there is no control over the people themselves. They do something that they should not do wrong.

Today we are going to tell you about some things. If you have a break then stay away from these things.

10. And taking a bad habit

We have often seen people who start eating things like alcohol or cigarettes after breakup. Many times we also think about this. Take a bad habit to take another bad habit to take a stupid job. It only damages us.

9. Trying to be 'just friends'

After the breakup, one of the two people talked about being 'Just Friends'. If you are happy with your X, then avoid talking to you. However, you'll be as happy as the distance from your X.

Learn the things that can make you suffer.

8. Forced to show yourself strong

It has often happened that after the break up we tried to make ourselves strong. Tighten your own tears. When you meet friends, keep in mind the mind. We should not do this. Suddenly crying and talking to others about their problems quickly decreases the problem.

7. Take revenge

When our partner tricks us, we feel that he and his partner have not repaid. Holding your mind on anything that is in your mind, taking any action can be very harmful for you.

Know that the thing prevents you from moving away from X.

6. Talking to him

If you break up. If you know that you do not have a chance, it is wise to stay away from your X. If you speak, you can not be away from it.

5. Ask him to bring him back to life

Many times we accept our X to bring it back to life, even after making a plea to them.

But by doing this we show ourselves small in front of us. If he refuses, then we have to suffer more. Never ask a broken relationship if you ask for it.

Learn why should not be close to X after the break up.

4. Closer to X

Many times it seems that if you are close to x once is better. But we have to avoid doing so. Going around once can increase your problem further.

3. Handle his profile on Facebook

After the break up, people make their X profile profiles on Facebook. When someone breaks his X after looking after someone else, irritation and pain will increase further. It's a good idea to block X after breakup.

Find out whats the words of x's memory fresh.

2. Haircut or tattoos

Many people cut hair after breakup. Some of them make a tattoo with resolutions. Instead of enjoying this kind of work, you drop more into the memory of your X.

1. Accept the rate

When people really love someone, after the break they think that their world is ending. They reduce people to meet people. Leave food to quit. Some people even leave up to their work. By doing this, there is only loss of itself.

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