Finally, the real mystery of the skeleton of the 80 feet tall man in India is frantic (video)

80 feet tall - has been viral on the Internet for quite some time. Where it appears that two sat in front of a giant skeleton. It is claimed that the skeleton has been found in northern India. It is said that with this skeleton, the character of Mahabharata Bhima's son is similar to the description of Bhagatakchh.

80 feet tall one skeleton on India's chest! This photo roaming on the internet has now dropped. Among them, the international channel has provoked the idea that the character of Mahabharata is similar to the description of the son of Bhagwat Kshatok, the son of Giant Kankal. As a result, this skeletal picture has become more viral.

A website named WhiteSaFact has claimed mystery leaks. They claim that the picture of this giant skeleton came in their 'Photoshop' competition. There are three different pictures. Website claims, their experts also examined the images of this skeleton. Make these photos 'Photoshop' clean. Even the internationally renowned television channel, which claims to be the giant skeleton found in northern India, was sent to the 'Photoshop' competition of the website.

Finally, the website, called Whaux-Fact, claims that the photo of the giant skeleton that has been photocopied, its original source is 'Calamita Cosmica' or 'Cosmic Magnet'.

In 1990, an artist named Jino de Dominicos created 28m tall and 8 ton weighing skeleton. Whose name was 'calamita cosmica' or 'cosmic magnet'. Dominicus exhibited this giant skeleton in Grenoble Center National Day Art Competition in France that year.

After this the skeleton exhibits at various edges of the world. This skeleton was kept in the Saclon Modern Art Museum in Rome. The website, named "WhiteSrefact", has claimed that the story of the 80-feet-tall skeleton in North India has been found in the photographs of the skeleton. Even if the giant skeleton is found in northern India, then no answer has yet been given to why the local administration does not have his registration.

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