Five year old girl married six year old boyfriend

Married to six year old boy, the bride's age is six, and the bride's age is five. The love between the two people was very popular. Very close friends Finally, they got married through a stylish ceremony. But, as much as it seems to be happy, the back story is not so happy at all.

Alydhe Peterson, a five-year old girl, suffers from neuroblastoma in the brain. This disease is not cure. Eelamudha will not be healthy The girl will move towards death every day.

 After diagnosing the disease, he was told to choose the favorite pot. He selected six years old Harrison Griar, one of his closest friends.

At this age, maybe Eulamdah was talking about his marriage. He does not know whether or not he will stay in the world for a long time. Before her death, her mother and father fulfilled her desire for marriage. Hundreds of well-wishers were present at the wedding ceremony. Many came from hundreds of miles away.

Harrison's father Billy Grier said, "Harrison has never seen any marriage before. So in all respects it is new for him. It was a beautiful show. And enjoyed every minute. It was very cheerful. Since they were introduced to this son, they were integral.

He also said, 'I think - he knows what he's doing. He knows how important it is for him. This is the beginning of the marriage of the childhood. "This childhood marriage work has been completed in accordance with all formalities.

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