Gayle out of the field, Viral is the picture

One other Gayle - Writing with Chris Gayle, first of all, a statutory warning should be issued that writing can sometimes violate the limits of modesty.

If it seems objectionable, it is best to avoid two or three sentences closed. Or at the beginning of the film to be kept informed - 'for adults'! It is not difficult to explain the colorful Caribbean character of Cricket, avoiding the indecent liability, impossible!

If you do not trust, let's go to Galatia Instagram. There are three types of photo shoots-

1) Sitting in the jacuzzi was relaxing. Hand cigar Woman be worn!

2) Sitting on a huge throne is like a king Of course, women are worn out !!

3) Pool-party is going on in Jamaica's own home. Dancing next to the swimming pool. Of course, women are worn !!!

Where to go out of Instagram? Gel's house? Here's a big surprise waiting. A cricketer made 'Strip Club' in his house, someone heard? Jamaica is home to the palatial house of Gail.

There is no meeting of the cricket team at the weekend, 'Poll Dance' is a sit-in. There is no harm to the householder about such an unprecedented arrangement. In social media, he often told the world by taking pictures of club performances

Did Chris go but hey? Not at all. He is married, the father of a girl. After scoring a century in eleven chakkah by scoring the Sunrisers Hyderabad in Mohali, he made a straining of the bat in both hands and hit the ball. Centuries of that sacrifice will give the daughter Alina the same posture. The girl and wife are sitting in the VIP box in Mohali.

He is the ruler of the universe! Mohali went to the storm and said, "Virendra Sahabag saved me and saved the IPL.
He was quoted once in his eleven year's IPL for his interview.

When he came to play for the first time in Calcutta. It was found that the doors of the house were opened and opened. After the towel came to interview, wearing barefoot His life is alive, he will live on his condition. It also came in the cricket field with a bat reflex.

Autobiography 'Six Machine' In this way he loves to describe himself. Sixs. I do not play too much for the country. But the untested hero of the Twenty20 league.

Playing this Big Bash, Pakistan is going to fly in Dubai to play the Super League. It ends in the IPL in India. From here you will probably miss the tent in Bangladesh. Throughout the year, the world is going to hit six or six in some places. What can be said to him? Mobile batches

He went according to his own culture. The surrounding atmosphere can not affect him. Once played in the West Indies in England. MCC organized special dinner in honor of guests.

The next oldest member of cricket, the next president of the respected club, began to describe the experience of his visit to Jamaica. What is awesome in the sea, hills, and cliffs of Jamaica!

Blancer-tie-up MCC top-notch stopped for breathing to say continuously. Immediately, the question was, "Junkai's physical connection with the girls? How did it? "At the dinner party, you can hear the pin even though!

There is no batting record in T-20 cricket, which he does not possess? Ten thousand runs have passed long ago. There is no single centennial of his single, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum.

The IPL has a century of 30. Highest run 175 He has done an impossible job of taking 37 runs in one over (a ball 'no')

How can it be stopped? Wasim Arcom was asked once before such a dualism. The aggression was then the KKK bowling coach. And Chris has come to open the RCB.

The offending started, "It may work if the off spinner is brought. Left-handed Gale watched, there was some problem in the outside spin. "

It was after this that the picture appeared in front of legendary bowlers like Chris, who was standing in the crease and crashed all the bowlers in the gaada. Quick add-on, "video analysis is right. But to blow it all, it will take ten balls. Ten balls means 60!

Now there is no problem, the former bowling pacer Heath Streak of Zimbabwe bowling coach The KKR teammates could attack Sunil Narain or Kuldeep Yadav with the mystery behind him. To stop the storm, there is a need to pray!

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