Gayle's house! Do not believe in this house, you can not believe ...

 Gayle's house! What's not in this house - Caribbean star Chris Gayle, the world T-Twenty flogger There is no such event where Chris Gayle has no clue. This year's report by Chris Gayle is home. Everyone in Chris Gayle's royal house will be impressed.

 Gayle's home named 'Rhythm Hill' It will impress everyone. All the comforts of entertainment are here! He lives in Jamaica's number eight Victor Avenue. Yellow-colored eyes have a shining house.

 There is a separate living room in the dance floors, theater, billiards game, from the sighted swimming pool, starting from here. There are nine big bedrooms here. Personal movie hall Four garages and many swimming pools. There is also Gayle's own strip club.

 The entire Kingston city of Jamaica was seen standing in the Red Hill Balcony. Indian Premier League (IPL), Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) or Australia's Big Bash - get huge amount of money from all places.

He is the owner of huge money. House decorated in the royal house. There is also a royal restaurant named 'Triple Century' in Kingston, Chris Gayle.

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