Heated India-Pakistan border, 200 missiles thrown in one minute. Including video

India-Pakistan border - India-Pakistan border becoming hot India is not going to be good with China On the other hand, Pakistan-China relations are gradually becoming closer. Beijing is gaining power in the field of technology Not only that, China is helping Pakistan in many ways in military field. So, India is in a position of caution.

India has been working to develop military as well as technology. Apart from making weapons in domestic technology, more advanced weapons are being purchased from abroad. One of which is the Rocket Launcher. Apart from missiles, there are also tanks.

Besides, Indian Army is also conducting a series of ammunition tests from missiles. So a video has arrived in the social media.

It seems that Indian rocket regiment simultaneously fired missiles per second from more than one rocket launcher. According to the data, 200 missiles were thrown in one minute.

It is learned that these missiles were tested from Pokhran range along the border of Pakistan.

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