I get real taste when I am 21: Sunny Leone

Real taste - Sunny Leone does not seem to have any need to introduce. The Bollywood actress recently talked about various issues in an interview given to Indian media IANS. Before coming to India he got bitter experience before coming to India. He said, before coming to India, I faced real hatred of people when I was 21.

After deciding to come to India, I had to face many different words- I have many such misconceptions. But this is not the case. I face hateful e-mails and criticism when I am 21 And I did not have to do anything there, because the open society in that country. At that time I faced the first real hatred.

A series of Sunny Leone-based series is coming very soon. It has been named 'Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone'. In the name of Karenjit Kaur, a middle-class Sikh girl from Canada, the story of adult girls, and later came to India as a superstar.

Regarding the question of how his family was dealing with that disgusting situation, Sunny said, like many other families my family had problems. Our lives are all about love, hatred and emotional issues and various problems created by this. Our parents have tried hard to save my brother and me from all kinds of negative situations all the time. But what did you do when you saw people started talking a lot about you? I fell down psychologically.

The mother of three children, who do not want to have any bad effect on her children, also said that my children do not have to accept the hatred I had taken. I want my children to be so human, who will not physically and emotionally lose anybody. I want my children to never be deceptive to anyone.

Source: IANS

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