If you do not get caught in the camera you probably will not believe .. Watch in the video

If you were not caught in the camera you probably would not have believed. If you do not believe in anything that happens around us in the camera, you would not have believed. Even then strange happenings occur

Currently CC cameras are installed everywhere. This is the strange thing that you can not believe in the SCC cameras.

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Cinnamon bowl price is 250 crores!
A very rare bowl found in China during the eighteenth century Qing Dynasty The bowl has been sold at auction for about 250 million rupees.

On Tuesday, the auctioning agency Sothby makes this auction auction. The auction process did not last long. The bowl, which was sold at auction shortly afterwards, is the ruler of the Qing Dynasty of Qing Dynasty. It has been sold at auction for 30 million dollars or about 250 crores.

Sophie Asia's chief Nicholas Chaoy said that in the early 18th century Emperor used this bowl. The size of this bowl is 6 inches. It includes the traditional design of China.

The flower design on the bowl is like the Daffodil flower. This type of design is not usually seen in Chinese soil.

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