Now the airhostes will wear a bikini, it will be launched from July, know where it will be now

 Now the airhostes will wear bikini - whenever we are about to travel anywhere, we get ready early on in front of us first. And it seems as if we will roam the whole world.

And for that to go to Goa or America, we just need to travel to get our Indians going around. And everyone wants to stay in a new place, and we are always seeing many new things in the new place.

 And it turns out to be a lot more of the airlines that make us travel around. And those who give us many opportunities while traveling around. And this is not where airhostesses serve us a lot. And those who see us halfway through the road.

And have you ever wondered what the airhostes are doing after their biking instead of their uniform? Now it's going to be very fast. After this bikini Airhostes welcomes the passengers in Vietnam. And now it is going to be in India.

 Now you will see your favorite airhostes on the bike. In fact, a few days ago, in a press conference, Viet named that they are going to bring their airline services to India very soon. And where airhostes will welcome us after a bikini.

And what you see in the picture above is Vietnam's Bikini Airlines. And its real name is Viet Jet Airlines. And now the advantage of the Vietnam Airlines is now called Viet, it has not spread everywhere now.

But it is now the highest number of people to come to India. And in a press conference in Vietnam a few days ago, it has been announced that the bikini air lines are going to be in Delhi now. According to them, it may work or start from July. According to the news it will be done four times a week.

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