See, the earth shaking these nine pictures!

Shaking the Earth - It has been said, that can not be written in a movie, even a thousand lines can be written. Some pictures make people laugh, some sad, some may panic.

But there are some pictures that touch the mind, to force a person to cry. Your heart will shake a bit, maybe just a few pictures. Let's take a look at the pictures.

1. Bhopal gas tragedy

 In 1984, a pesticide manufacturing factory in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, was attacked and killed 5,68,125 people with poisonous methyl iosyanide gas, killing about 15 thousand people.

Photographer Pablo Bartholomew quickly rushed to the spot The picture was taken by the person who was killed in the accident and was buried in the ground before the burial.

2. Rana Plaza collapse

 On April 24, 2013, the incident of Savar Rana Plaza collapse sparked a wave of anxiety and anxiety among the people. The entire process of bringing out the wounded people from the wreckage is going on day by day and we all have realized that the horror is a bit awkward.

The matter is so serious that its news goes to the people of the country beyond the boundaries of the country, as well as various pictures taken from this debris.

For example, this image of Taslima Akhtar's cover. It can not be explained in hundreds of years, in the film that the two people have embraced each other.

How did they die? Are they trying to save one another? How was their life, their dreams? I do not know how much love they were holding each other at the moment of death!

The painting this painful picture in many countries of the world is still being discussed.

3. The little girl suffering from cancer

 This image is a small girl, who was diagnosed with cancer. Because of chemotherapy, the hair of his head falls. Was the woman trying to raise her desire in the mirror? We do not know whether the girl is still alive.

4. People are for people:

 Fierce famine was going on in Uganda in 1980. A child from the charity's charity maintains a grave feeling. Mike Wells took the picture on the appeal.

5. Dear sermon for the teacher

 Diego Frazzo Torquato, a 12-year-old Brazilian boy, is playing violin on the funeral of his beloved teacher, with tears in his eye drowning. The teacher helped the young boy to get rid of poverty and conflict with the help of music.

6. Falling people from the World Trade Center

 The United States Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, were destroyed in a terrorist attack. Many people jumped down after the fire broke out in the building and hoped to save lives. Such a photograph of a wretched person, photographer Richard Drew Needless to say that man could not save his life

7. Genocide at the University of Thailand

 This world famous and simultaneously critically acclaimed film was published in 1993 in the New York Times. And through this, photographer Kevin Carter came to light. This film, taken during the Sudanese famine, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1994.

It is found that, without a need to eat in a famine, a worn-out child is in a mood on the ground, and a vulture is sitting nearby. So that when the child dies and it can feed the child, then wait for him.

The film makes horror debates. It is up to the picture that Kevin did not try to save the child, save the child? Kevin himself began to feel that he could have saved the child if he could.

He committed suicide in 1994, from severe mental anguish. Although the child did not die at that time, she had lived for a few more days. The son of Niyang Kong died in 2007.

9. When all the efforts fail

In 1985, there was a volcano in the volcano called Nevado del Ruiz near the small village of Armoro in Colombia. The reaction on the whole village was awful. This creates large landslides

. The 13-year-old girl, Amara Sánchez, is trapped under a devastated building. Failure of all the efforts of the rescuers, he died after being stuck for 60 hours.

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