See this person who is married to a 10-feet tall cobra snake and is doing his life. Watch in the video

See this person is married to a poisonous snake, and he lives in a house. See on the video: How many different people live in this world. It is a common thing to do something strange and unusual to one's work. So, marriage and snakes with snakes ??? Think of the bullets or bullets. Brother brother's case is absolutely true. Such a thing has happened in Thailand. A young man from there married a snake and lived in a house.

Five years ago, his girlfriend was killed in a car accident. A young man from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, has recovered from his rebirth as a 10-foot tall, poisonous cobra snake. He did not lose his marriage. In addition to this, he is also following the tradition of Buddhist religion that person.
The young man watched the TV with a snake and kept on walking around. If you go to gym or swiming, take keram, they play. Even sleeping together at night.
Explaining why the snake got married, the young man said, the deceased lover came back as a snake. The face of her face was found in the snake.
In Buddhism, when people die, they are returned to the earth after the form of other animals.
The idea of ​​the young man, his lover came back to the world as a snake. That is why he can not think of living without him.
In Kanchanburi, the young man has already been known as 'snakeman'. Waranan Sarsalin, a person in the area, sent photos to Daily Mirror and said, "The snake took care of the young man very much. It seems to be true love.

The picture of this young man's family with snakes is now viral online. Such cases of living together with poisonous snakes are very rare. Watch that video.

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