Seeing the video will really be amazed.

Do not fear the snake? But some people are profession only with this snake. They do livelihood by taking a snake. These numbers are not low in our country. This is a risky profession.

Many people face different kinds of danger when they catch a snake. Yet they have to stay in this pocket for livelihood. Seeing the video will be shocked.

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Saudi Arabia was the only law!

The wife may be peeping on the phone or in prison. Such guidelines have been issued. But the rules are only for children, this rule is equally applicable for women. In the conservative country like Saudi Arabia, this new law is going on.

It is known that this law has been enacted in Saudi Arabia for the protection of personal privacy. Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture has said that women and men can do this job regardless.

Although many people think that women will be the worst sufferers. Because in many cases, in case of divorce in Muslim countries, they have submitted many information on the mobile phone of the bride.

Husband's mobile phone has more than one evidence of marital relations. As a result of this act, they will not be able to submit as evidence. If the wife and groom peek at each other's phone, the jail can be fired, but the fine can be fined.

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