The intimate inside of the Girin Sensor objection! (Video)

Jairin's interlude - Bollywood actress Zerin Khan, who was seen in an intimate encounter with Hate Story-3 movie, was seen in the face of criticism. The actress's next movie, Aksar-2 The Indian censor board has raised objection to its 'Today Zid' song.

It has been shown to romance Jairin Khan and Gautam Rourke and in intimate scenes. Arigit Singh sang the song The censor board has said the song is not suitable for TV viewers. But why did it not find any objectionable movie director Ananta Narayan Mahadev

In this context, she said, "I do not know why the sensor board thinks it is not suitable for the viewer. The song is on Youtube and people who did not object to the content of those who saw it. The romance of heroes and heroes has not been shown offensive.

He also said, 'I think the members of the censor board do not understand what method to work in. I hope they will reconsider their decision and allow the release of the song on television according to our campaign plan. "

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