The most effective and ridiculous thing ever made!

 Up until now - people sometimes create some weird and ridiculous things that are really ineffective. Today we have presented some vague images to you. Let's see it.

These stairs are designed according to the design!

 Believe, all the bus seats are usable!

 Probably, this is the most effective watermelon in the world!

 Falcon Balcony!

 Thanks, Lord, I got a place to rest, a lot tired!

 Invalid leggings!

 This destination is your destination!

This toilet will not lack your water!

 Invalid drawer!

 The strange mug!

 Pet rock!

Unnecessary public telephone sign!

 There is no work on this door!

 Nice banana pot!

 The best way to get injured

 Baseless gate!

The most unnecessary sign!

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