The Stone is collecting from the head of the snake - watch on the video

Collected from the head of a snake - not really imagination! Being collected from the head of a snake is a precious monk: Many of us have heard that there is a monkey in the head. Which is very valuable. We saw a lot of things in this movie, but in reality what we have seen is the head of the snake. Most will not answer.

Many people say that the head of the snake has many people say it is fake. But the real thing is that there is a monkey on the head of the snake. To see how it is collected and the video, see the video. The video is very neatly shown how monkey comes and collects on the head of the snake.

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Who gives more importance to sexual intercourse than food?
Better eating or physical intercourse if two things are placed in front of an adult male. What will he choose by default? According to the researchers, men will choose the second. And because of this the researchers blamed the brain structure of men.

According to UK and US researchers, due to the presence of certain brain neurons (nerve cells) in many cases, men emphasize physical intercourse relationships rather than good food. But because of the same type of neuron in women, they kept physical union as the second choice.

According to the Telegraph report, a group of researchers from University College London, UK and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA, researched the differences between men and women on food intake and physical interaction. Research on this topic has been published by the science journal 'Nature'.

Researchers conduct research on 'Nematoda worm'. Various types of parasitic insects, including different types of worms, are classified in this category. According to the researchers, animals of this episode are found to match the body's embolism. In the study, women and male insects are kept near. The food is nearby. After a certain time, the male insects proceed towards the female insect, despite having the food nearby.

According to research, scientists claim that there is a difference in the structure of men and women in the brain. But there was less debate than this issue before. For decades, researchers and feminists have argued against it.

According to Scott Aysas, researcher of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA, although research on small animals is very helpful in understanding the condition of food and physical intercourse between men and women. Although people do not have to do research, it can be said that men's brain has certain types of neurons that do not have the female brain. And this is due to the difference in behavior.

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