The took interview that naked The BBC's two Presenter

Naked interview - Jenny Elsso and Kat Hernon presented the BBC's popular show 'Knaked Podcast'. Different people are being interviewed at this event. And before the arrival of the guests, the two presenters took off all the clothes.

The presenters wanted to see if the people in the nude state would say more about the mind. And they are successful in this experiment. Both have claimed that in the interview, guests give a much more honest answer in the nude. Without talking a lot, I say a lot.

There is a time in the BBC studio to record talk instruments and three nude people. Many people have their eyes on the scenes and nudity of their body. These two presenters are working as BBC Sheffield correspondent.

The series has 10 episodes and BBC Sheffield has started broadcasting several shows. Although discussions about nudity are heard in Podcast, via the Internet. As a result, no one will see their exceptions.

Both of them are aged thirty years old. Kate says, "At the start of the discussion with them first, we thought that we are going to start discussions with a strong, intelligent woman. But after the conversation began to be nude, it was seen how embarrassing and negative they were on their bodies. "

Many of their exceptional guests attended this event. The model, who is suffering from urinary complexity, is always traveling with urine pouch.

There is a Muslim woman who first saw a naked body after marriage, which was her husband. Speaking with them, they realized that it is foolish to think about the color or the skin. There are many more problems than many women.

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