This person is the person who is breastfeeding his daughter, but why? ... If you know the real story, water in your eyes will be visible

She is breast-feeding her daughter- breast-feeding of her daughter - seeing this picture may lead to a lot of anger. But after realizing the real truth behind this picture, you may have water in your eyes. This film was filmed by an artist named Murali

The man pictured in the picture is sentenced to a country in Europe that he will keep him hungry as long as he lives. He was imprisoned and kept in prison after hearing this sentence. That means, he is not allowed to eat any food.

The father asked the government of the country to allow her father to meet her. Responding to his petition, the government allowed him to visit his father once every single time.

The girl was well checked while entering the prison so that she could not get any food. After such a move, the girl forced her to feed her father to her father.

After a month's walk, the guards there suspect how a man has survived without eating it for so long. Just the next day a guard girl pursued the girl and grabbed the girl while giving her breast milk.

The matter is again litigation on this matter. The news of such incidents spread to every state of Europe from all over the world. The meeting is from minister to the government level.

At last, the government stopped the law and opened the eyes of conscience and judged the verdict. Both the father and the daughter were released.

Whether a woman is a woman or a wife is not a forest, she is the goddess. So do not think of women as trivial, but respect them.

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